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Posted Oct 18, 2005, 9:28 PM ET by Adrenne Wilbon
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This is great. How great? Too great! In response to Lorrie Heasley or shall we say her “Meet the Fockers” T-shirt that had her booted from her Southwest flight, T-Shirt Hell is offering anyone wearing one of their Tee’s alternate transportation should they too get stopped from boarding a SW plane. As makers of some fairly flamboyant T-shirts with thought-provoking messages like: Shittles (taste the a____), Your LITTLE princess is my LITTLE w___, and also What Would Jesus do? (for a Klondike Bar?) just to name a few - the company feels obligated to have their customer’s back if Southwest Airlines doesn’t find the attire appropriate for flying the friendly skies.

More importantly is the right to freedom of speech which is why this isn’t a joke. T-Shirt Hell isn’t suggesting you go raise hell on a flight just to push a few good buttons, make headline news, or be plain stupid, so you may wish to read the terms and conditions before doing something extremely dumb. In short, I think the offer is stellar if you have the flexibility to miss your intended flight. Funny at the very least.

via WorldHum


Reader Comments
1. Posted Oct 19, 2005, 6:47 AM ET by Malita
This is in no way a Freedom of Speech issue, it is a respect for others issue. You're free to wear the t-shirt in your home, or any public place, if you enjoy being rude.

You are not, however, free to compel others to allow you to wear that shirt in their homes, or their private businesses, any more than I am free to shout a daily soliloquy in the local Starbucks. Or rather, I am free to attempt it, and they are free to tell me to leave the premises, without infringing on my speech rights.

Southwest didn't make an unreasonable demand in asking the shirt to be covered, and they are free to remove anyone from any flight for any reason, as it is a private business, and one extremely sensitive to disruption in the passenger cabin. Big surprise. And their revenues from families and polite passengers vastly outweigh their revenues from obnoxious, self-righteous clever-tee morons, so they won't be losing any sleep over asking them to leave.

I'm sure the other airlines will be just itching to pick up a few passengers from the aggressive-novelty-tee-wearing demographic though, maybe T-Shirt Hell can work out a promotion with one of them.

In the meantime they might want to learn a little more about Freedom of Speech, stop pretending to be on a crusade, and just admit it's marketing. Smart marketing, in fact, because their customers are obviously ignorant enough to believe that Freedom of Speech is actually freedom to demand service from a private business, freedom to offend others within a private business, and freedom from being removed from a private business.

At least T-Shirt Hell knows who they're marketing to.

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